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Multi-functional training tool designed to level up your fitness.

Build Confidence

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, or working towards your next progression, Nomax’s variable assistance will safely off load your weight so you can focus on moving in the correct form.

Walk. Run. Jump.

Perform stationary cardio and dynamic exercises all in one place. Avoid having to purchase expensive cardio machines or running outdoors in non-ideal conditions. 

Suspension & Resistance

Simply choose between clipping in either suspension training or a range of 10lbs. to 140lbs. of variable resistance bands. The resistance cords have a protective anti-snap sheath providing safety and durability. 


Set up Nomax on a door, on a rack at the gym, or a sturdy tree limb at the park. Nomax packs up neatly allowing you to buckle it around your waist during a run, or tossed in a bag as you head to the gym, or on vacation.

Signature Products

Nomax 2

Nomax 2 is a portable multi-functional training tool for multi-fitness levels. Nomax 2 offers stationary cardio, assisted exercises, suspension training, resistance training, and partner’s training in a compact portable system. 

Nomax Vine

Nomax Vine is a professional grade portable suspension training tool for multi-fitness levels. Work out indoors, or outdoors, you decide.

Level UP, Anywhere